How to order a Bearing and select Bearing code (part 2)

Angular contact ball bearing single row.

Single row angular contact ball bearings as its name implies, the balls make contact with the sides of the running tracks, instead of with the bottom as in the deep grove ball bearing. The points of contact do not, therefore, lie in a direction perpendicular to the axis of the shaft, and this feature allows higher thrust load. The bearing can be used to deal with journal and thrust load in one direction. Single row angular contact bearings can be used in pairs to adjust excessive slackness and to keep the balls in the correct position.

The bearings are self-retaining units with solid inner and outer rings and ball cage made from polyamide, sheet metal or brass.  The axial load carrying capacity is dependent on the contact angle. The larger the angle the higher the load the bearing can handle.

The internal diameter of the bearing is known as  ‘d’ and is measured and known as the internal diameter.

The outside diameter is know generally as the external diameter and denoted as ‘D’.

The width of the bearing is denoted as  ‘B’ and is the measured width of a standard bearing.

These measurements will help us select the correct bearing size you will need. They make up the bearing code.

Lets look at an example  bearing code 7205-B-TVP  this is a commonly used bearing.

The 7205 has d inside diameter  that is 25mm D  outside diameter of 52mm and B dimension of 15mm. This information will be taken from our charts.

The bearings have the following design features denoted in the code by the following suffixes

B         Modified internal construction

JP       Sheet steel cage

MP    Solid brass cage

TVH   Solid cage glass fibre

EP      Solid cage glass fibre

TVP   Solid cage glass fibre

UA    Universal design for fitting in pairs with small axial internal clearance.

UL    Universal design for fitting in pairs with slight preload

UO   Universal design for fitting in pairs clearance free.

2RS   Contact seals on both sides.

The code on our example is now known as  7205-B-TVP

The last part of our code denotes the  bearing has a modified internal construction with a solid cage glass fibre.