How to order a Bearing and select Bearing code (part 1).

Deep Groove ball bearings single row open or closed.

You may need to identify a bearing due to wear and tear. All bearing use references that should be marked on the bearing which can be used to order but if they are not visible the following dimensions will be required to select the correct replacement.

The internal diameter of the bearing is known as  ‘d’ and is measured and known as the internal diameter.

The outside diameter is know generally as the external diameter and denoted as ‘D’.

The width of the bearing is denoted as  ‘B’ and is the measured width of a standard bearing. On taper bearings this is known as dimension ‘T’.

These measurements will help us select the correct bearing size you will need. They make up the bearing code.

Lets look at an example  bearing code 6205 2RS1C3 this is a commonly used bearing.

The 6205 has d inside diameter  that is 25mm D  outside diameter of 52mm and B dimension of 15mm. This information will be taken from our charts.

The bearings also has a seal there can be a number of variants.

2 RS1  has 2 Rubber seals

2RSR has  2 Rubber seals

DDU has 2 Rubber seals

2Z  has 2 Metal Shields

ZZ has 2 Metal Shields

The code on our example is now known as  6205 2RS1

The last part of our code denotes the class of the internal clearance. We have a C3 code which means that the bearing has room for expansion.  This C3 clearance will be used in applications were a cold start up may cause the balls to heat up quickly, the heat needs to go somewhere. Some will pass through the outer race to the inner race and to the shaft, this causes expansion and without the clearance would lead to bearing failure.

C2 Clearance less than standard

C3  Clearance greater than standard

C4 Greatest clearance from standard.

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