How to order a Bearing and select Bearing code (part 3)

Spindle Bearings.

Spindle bearings are single row angular contact roller bearings, with solid inner and outer rings and ball and cage assemblies with solid window cage. The bearings are available in open and sealed designs.

The bearings have close tolerances and are used in situations that require accurate guidance and capable of high speeds. The bearings can handle axial as well as radial support. They are extensively used in machine tools. Contact angles available in 15 deg & 25 deg

Standard spindle bearings B70, B719 & B72 have steel balls

Spindle bearings HCB 70,  HCB719 & HCB 72 have ceramic balls

Spindle bearings  B70-2RSD, B719-2RSD, B72-2RSD, HCB70-2RSD, HCB719-2RSD &

HCB72-RSD-2RSD are sealed on both sides. They are greased and are maintenance free.

High Speed spindle bearings HSS70 and HSS719 have smaller steel balls and the ceramic version HCS70 & HCS719 are also available. These four have high speeds & lower friction and heat generation. They have an extended operating life. The bearings are sealed on both sides.

The internal diameter of the bearing is known as  ‘d’ and is measured and known as the internal diameter.

The outside diameter is know generally as the external diameter and denoted as ‘D’.

The width of the bearing is denoted as  ‘B’ and is the measured width of a standard bearing.

These measurements will help us select the correct bearing size you will need. They make up the bearing code.

Lets look at an example  bearing code 7205-B-TVP  this is a commonly used bearing.

The 7205 has d inside diameter  that is 25mm D  outside diameter of 52mm and B dimension of 15mm. This information will be taken from our charts.

The bearings have the following design features denoted in the code by the following suffixes

C         Contact angle 15 deg.

E         Contact angle 25 deg.

H        high Preload

L         Slight Preload

M       Moderate preload

P4S    Tolerance class P4S

T        Solid window cage made from hard plastic or fabric.

UL      Universal design for fitting in pairs.

2RSD  Spindle bearings with seals on both sides.


Bearing sets  Universal bearings have the same bore and outside diameter are available in sets. They can be used in any arrangement and have a slight preload. They have the following  Suffix.

DUL      2 bearings

TUL       3 bearings

QUL      4 bearings